Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Join me in the 14-Day Kindness Challenge! [Sign Ups Closed]

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."  - Aesop
Hi guys!! I know Basked in Sunshine is still a new blog but I'd really love to share this wonderful challenge from experienced blogger Celestine Chua. It's a challenge in which you all are assigned different act of kindness for 14 days straight (Thursday, November 1 - Wednesday, November 14). With Thanksgiving and New Year already at our sleeves it's no wonder this challenge is such a blast with over 730 770 780 790 800 810 participants and counting!! For the following 14 days I'll be blogging about my personal participation in the challenge and sharing it with you!! The Sign-Up's will close in like 24 hours so this is your only opportunity! Join NOW at the following link:

Note: I'm really sorry I posted this late. I had been super indecisive whether to share the challenge with you guys since Basked in Sunshine is still a new blog but in the end I decided I'd really love to for 2 reasons:

#1. Celestine is kind enough to share a link of Basked in Sunshine on her blog Personal and...

#2. I'd simply love to reach even more people to make the world a kinder place!! :)

So what you waiting for? Sign up HERE and start being a kinder person today!! And don't just leave it at that, invite your friends and family to join you in this 14 days of kindness together. <3

Update: Registrations for the 14-Day Kindness Challenge at PE have closed but you are still free to do the challenge at your own pace, any time. You can always share your results in the comments section in Basked in Sunshine. Thank you so much for reading my experience. I hope it will serve as an inspiration for you guys/gals in the near future. Let's make the world a kinder place - together. :)

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