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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Refreshing your Life

" The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely."

Hello there! Welcome to Basked in Sunshine! My wish for this blog is to plant a grain of salt in your lives and reach audiences, who might feel lonely or unaccepted by society, appreciate who they truly are and live life to the fullest as themselves. The concept of "be you" may sound a bit silly for a blog topic but I believe that everything and anything we achieve in life revolves around this tiny - *ahem* - big fragment of our personality.

I'm gonna be very honest, I don't have any professional diploma or background that will give you proof of any talent I may have. I am simply a 17 year old girl with a strong desire to grant love and hope in many people's hearts. I currently study culinary arts in a vocational highschool, nothing more, nothing less

Carrying on, I'll be blogging about ways in which you can grow into a better person and guide you towards your dreams in a kind tone that encourages being you at all times. It's very possible that most, if not all, of my blog posts will include a reference quote - let it be at the beginning or at the end - following a positive message.

I'd also love to share with you why is it that I chose Basked in Sunshine as the name for this blog. Basically, visualize the following: You wake up in the early morning. You listen to the roosters Coke-doodle-dos and head to brush your teeth and stare at your sleepy reflection in the mirror. You smile and say "Today is a new morning, a new opportunity to give it my all, no matter what might have happened to me in the past, today, I will enjoy and work towards my dreams to the fullest!" You get out of that bathroom, bask yourself in the rising sun and do all sorts of positive things you love!

And that's about it. The morning hours is commonly associated as an hour of peace, an hour of silence, an hour to simply sit on your table, eat that yummy breakfast, and watch the sun rise for a bright new day. Every day is a gift and an opportunity to start anew and in Basked in Sunshine I am offering you the utensils to start  for a new beginning. :)

Feel free to comment/offer feedback below. It can vary from an opinion, disagreement, etc. Please keep the vocabulary clean. Any post that is considered spam, trolling, cyber bullying, etc. will be deleted. Thank you for your time and patience! *Hugs*

Yours truly, Jica Gonz :)

(Note: My wish is to build a friendly environment for us to express ourselves and get along with each other, not an environment of unnecessary bullying or cyber-fights. Thank you.)
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