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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Is Formality With Close Family And Friends A Rude Thing?

Hey guys and gals!! I'm  going to be graduating High School in May and I'm turning 18 in July 3, as you can see I'm soon going to be considered a legal adult!

This post is rather short because in it I share my personal opinion when it comes to formality with those that are close to us. What has inspired me to write this intimate post is that I had recently read an article in Coaching with Christina which tells us about how us bloggers should be visible to our public when we write. Feel free to check out her article by the way!

I'm happy to be sharing this with you, feel free to share your own opinion on the matter! Moving on--
Friendship is neither a formality nor a mode: it is rather a life. ~ David Grayson

As I grow up and enter this new stage in my life, which many call "young adulthood", I've noticed how some adults are too formal in speech. I honestly find excess formality with somebody who is close to me such as a family member or a close friend, an offense rather than being polite.

I believe that there shouldn't be formality with our own family and close friends because formality is meant for strangers, in a sense when a family member treats me with formality or demands formality from my part I find it offensive, because it's like they are telling I'm not worthy enough to be treated like family and that I'm nothing more than a stranger in their life.

Formality is not the same as being polite. Being polite equals to being considerate of other people's feelings and to act in consideration to not hurt those feelings. Formality means being cautious as to not anger a stranger because you don't know them. Formality is for strangers.

Different people have different opinions and family/friend dynamics. I respect that but in my personal opinion, I think that informality is what creates real and lasting friendships. This is because the lack of formality creates an atmosphere of trust-- and with politeness added into the mix it creates bonds.

I'd love to hear your opinion on this topic. Do you consider formality rude when it comes to family and close friends? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments section or via e-mail! Cheers!! :)

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