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Hello there ! If you're new to Basked in Sunshine, feel free to pay a visit to my introduction post and learn what Basked in Sunshine is all about!

Basked in Sunshine is a blog is to help you all of you in your personal growth in life. :)

If you scroll down you can find all of my articles so you don't have to be all over the place to find a certain post you like. Feel free to read my articles whenever you want and leave a comment,like,share etc. 

Thank you! :)


Taking the First Step: Made Simple
The Truth About Taking the First Step
How To Plan Out A Resolution For The New Year: And Stick To It
Why I Said No to The World & Yes To My Heart 
Dogs: An Inspiration 
Is Formality With Close Family and Friends a Rude Thing?
Quick! Get Up!! 5 Second Rule!
How To Cope With Depression
Review: Coaching With Christina

14-Day Kindness Challenge with Personal Excellence (2012) 

Join me in the 14-Day Kindness Challenge! [Sign Ups Closed]
Day 1: Give a Hug to Everyone You See!
Day 2: Give Up Your Seat to Someone
Day 3: Write 3 Thank-You Notes to 3 People you Appreciate
Day 4: Sign Up For Volunteer Work (On Top of Whatever You Have Been Doing)
Day 5: Give a Genuine Compliment to at Least 3 People
Day 6: Talk to Someone You Don't Normally talk To
Day 7: Make a Donation
Day 8: Pick Up Litter
Day 9: Write a Letter to Someone Who Has Made a Difference in Your Life
Day 10: Send Flowers to Someone
Day 11: Be Kind to Someone You Dislike
Day 12: Forgive Someone
Day 13: Give Someone a Treat
Day 14: Do Something Unexpectedly Nice For Someone (Plus World Kindness Day Celebration!)
Kindness Challenge Round-Up: Reflection, Feedback, and Next Steps Moving Forward!

2013-Countdown Challenge with Personal Excellence (2012)

Join Me in the 2013-Countdown Challenge with Personal Excellence!!
Reviewing 2013-Countdown Challenge with Personal Excellence

Articles with Villalba Online (Spanish)

Adolescente villalbeña desarrolla su personalidad con la introspección y el deseo de ayudar
El Diario De La Gratitud
Cuento: Papelito en Blanco
5 Técnicas y errores para levantarse temprano en la mañana
Cómo enfrentar los cambios en la vida
Cómo construir tu propio árbol de Navidad reciclable
Cuento: Camila y su regalo de Navidad
Cómo planificar tu resolución para el 2013
Técnicas de estudio

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