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Monday, May 27, 2013

7-Day Wake Up Early Challenge 2013 (June 16 - June 22)

“Life is too short,” she panicked, “I want more.” He nodded slowly, “Wake up earlier.” ~Dr. SunWolf
 Important Note: I decided to delay or cancel this challenge till a future date because I noticed that the public isn't interested. If it's meant to be then it will be in time. :)

Today I have a BIG announcement to make, one which I've been anxious to announce since 2013 kicked in and here it is: Basked in Sunshine will be running a 7-Day Wake Up Early Challenge starting June 16 and culminating in June 22! :)

It will be running exactly 1 week. Why not longer? Well the truth is that sometimes we shy away from heavy compromises like '21-day Challenges' so I decided to give a go at a short and simple challenge for a higher chance of compromise from you guys and myself.

How it rolls

The challenge requires only a minimum of 5-10 minutes of your entire day. The only thing you will do is choose your morning hour. This can be in between 4:00 am - 8:00 am.

Personally, I'll choose 4:00 am as my morning hour but you are all free to choose whichever morning hour you please. Compromise to that hour and don't quit if you wake up late. If you do, there's always tomorrow! Don't give up!

The purpose of this challenge is to establish a habit of waking up early even if we miss on some days. Sometimes all we need is that 'push' to take the first step and keep taking more steps from then on. :)

I'll also post a daily advice on how to wake up early for 6 days straight. The last day is for personal reflection and reviewing. You'll report with a comment each day (preferably after breakfast) and answer the following questions:

  • What hour did you wake up in?
  • What plan did you formulate that helped you wake up early? If not, why did you wake up late?
  • What task were you able to advance for the day?

*I'll re-post the questions at the end of the articles each day as a reminder*

To Sign Up For The 7-Day Wake Up Early Challenge:

1-  Subscribe to my newsletter below

2- Leave a comment announcing which morning hour you choose (In between 4:00 am - 8:00 am)

3- Share this article in Facebook/Twitter/E-Mail and announce to the world that you will compromise to waking up early during a whole week!! Feel free to invite your family and friends too! :) 

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Review: Coaching With Christina

Hello there! Today I have somebody I want to introduce to you. She's a fellow blogger, as well as my friend; my life coach and the person who helped me start everything in relation to my goals-- who is this person you say?

Her name's Christina Mattschei, my life coach
Once upon a time, I used to be a very confused girl. I had recently found out that my passion was art. By art, I mean any form of art- from writing, drawing, painting, cooking, singing, playing, dancing, etc. I had found out that I loved any form in which the human soul expressed itself.

There are tons of ways to express oneself, but out of all of them, the one that hit my soft spot the most was writing (and it still does as a matter of fact). I loved writing as I could express my inner thoughts and emotions, but there was only one problem- I didn't know how to start a blog and I was to young to search for a job.

That's where Christina comes in. One fine day I was browsing Facebook, when suddenly, I notice this status on fellow blogger Celestine Chua's page that spoke of Christina's life coaching services.

I was interested, so I contacted her and we scheduled some coaching sessions. Before I spoke to her, I was a bit afraid of how it'd turn out. I've always been a shy girl with strangers so I didn't want to feel like a bother.

The coaching session started and to my delight, she was very kind, understanding and knowledgeable on the topics we spoke of. By the 30 minute mark I was already in awe at how she quickly cleared out the fog in my mind, and like a jigsaw puzzle filled in the pieces that were missing.

I have to say that I really liked her service and the dynamics of the coaching. She was punctual, organized and guided me as I spoke, clearing every doubt and to add- I could even share personal problems of my life which she offered advice to.

Another thing I'd like to note which I liked was that she offered more than 100%. When we finished the coaching services she wrapped up everything we had discussed and bundled it as my own personal e-book. I never expected that and was very touched, so it was a thumbs up for good service.

Speaking of e-books, Christina offers a FREE e-book to every person who subscribes to her Newsletter!! Just subscribe to the form below, enjoy the video and you're ready to go! :)

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I'd go as far as to say that it's thanks to her services that I am here today, writing to you all. Sometimes all we need is a lil 'push' to take the first step and Christina's coaching services were the 'push' I needed.

One Month Transformation Coaching Package for $197  

Friday, May 10, 2013

How To Cope With Depression

Hey guys and gals-- I have news: I've finished High School and if there's something I'd like to say, it's that I'm extremely happy!!!

Freedom at last-- I'm a free woman wuuujuuu!!!

*Ahem* But it wasn't always like this. My High School life was very contradicting , I loved my friends but I despised (and still despise) school so so much that I fell into depression almost this entire semester. As a graduation gift from me to you, I'd love to share with you my story and 3 key factors that helped me to cope with my depression.

My Story

"This was me inside of school, when I finished school I felt like I broke free, and stopped being a slave."
I've always hated school but I've never despised school so much as I did during my last semester of High School. It all started back in December, when the first semester ended. I had recently gone to a  spiritual retreat and soon after participated in the 2013 countdown challenge.

Thanks to both of this impacting events in my life, I was a changed person. I stopped being lazy and started writing articles, polished my blog, connected with fellow bloggers, did my chores, studied for the College Board and my Driver's License-- all in one days work and I even had time to spare for my own hobbies!!

I was probably the most happiest with myself during this time, but then it happened...second semester kicked in again in January. I became lazy again, posted less articles and stopped being so dedicated with my chores.

To make up for it, my grades improved a bit, but they were still far from being 100% grades. I know myself more than anybody, and I know that if I had been more stronger with my approach, I could had balanced my life with my studies and my blog.

To be honest, High School was easier than everything I had studied in Middle School and I'm a fast writer so posting blog posts weekly wasn't an issue at all.

I could had achieved my goals easily if I wanted to, but why didn't I?

Was it procrastination? Lack of interest? Laziness?  Lack of courage? Lack of passion? Fear? Partially, yes-- falling in my life as low as I did during this semester were indeed a side effect of all of my negative emotions, but more than anything else, what made me put my life almost in entire halt was...depression.

Yep... I was depressed.
It was horrible. I had finally discovered my passion and freedom during winter break, and yet here I was again.. wasting 5 months of my only life at school again... studying material that would be worthless in my future job.

By the way, I'd like to take this opportunity to say that depression is a real mental illness that can be very hard to overcome. I've been there, I still kind of am there but I'm getting over it and I'd like to tell every person in the world who has gone through depression that you are not alone.

It's easy to tell a depressed person to just overcome the depression but any person who has ever truly been in depression can tell you that it's not that easy. Many times people in depression are treated as weaklings and not as person who is mentally sick and needs help.

Back to topic-- fast forward 5 months and High School is now over. I'm sad but I'm also happy, eager, excited... My eyes glitter and my lips smile as I say "I'm free to choose what I want to do, for the rest of my life." because the truth is that...

  "All great changes are preceded by chaos" ~ Deepak Chopra

 A Different Side To The Story

My friends

Now, I'll share a different side of my story that makes my eyes friends. I'm a shy girl but at heart I am a social person. My biggest treasure in life are my friends.

I disagreed with the dynamics of school, since the material that was teached was irrelevant to my passion. I just wanted to get out of there and have the freedom to live as my heart asks me to-- but at the same time... I loved my friends, I still do and even if this friendships were to disappear in a near future they will forever remain in my heart as my golden memories and my friends forever.

But there's a good ending to this story, from now on I will dedicate my life to my passion and keep in contact with my friends while they still desire me as their friend and, of course, keep meeting new people and making even more friends!! :)

My Gift For You

As I stated at the start of this article, in order to celebrate my newly found freedom, I have a gift for you all. Now that you know my story, you know that I was in a deep state of depression the entire second semester. Did I overcome it? No, I never did till I got rid of High School-- but the least I can do is share with you 3 key factors which helped me to temporarily cope with my depression until it all ended.

I'd like to remind you in advance, that it is always better to heal the issue permanently by healing the root of the problem but if you're in a situation like I was, in which all you needed was a temporal coping system until the outside problem ended, then here it is:

#1- Listen to happy/active music


Being depressed and listening to sad low toned music is a big no-no. A song can have mayor keys or minor keys. Minor keys have been related worldwide as a sad emotion due the key being quiet and slow-- similar to our state of mind when we are sad.

Active and fast music with mayor keys are related with staying active, happiness or general well-being so we will naturally feel better by listening to active music when we are depressed.

#2- Comedy relief


Funny videos, funny jokes, a light-hearted show-- they can make wonders when we are sad. While I'm not a big fan of distracting your thoughts from the things that matter, there have been days in which my mood was lifted from a sad one into a generally happy one due to funny jokes that made my day, especially jokes made by friends which brings me to the next point...

#3- Stay active with your friends

What's better than spending a day with friends who make you smile, laugh and experience new things? Sometimes even be there for you when you most need a listening ear? As long as you have a healthy relationship with your friends, staying active and hanging out can be a slow healer to your heart.

Bonus tip: Do your responsibilities (For example: homework, study, chores). Keeping small goals on a daily basis gives you a reason to live, to go on and never give up. 

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Quick! Get Up!! 5 Second Rule!

"The early bird gets the worm"

There is a food superstition that's been around for ages that states that after you drop your food to the ground, it will take approximately 5 seconds for germs to contaminate it and make it uneatable. This common superstition states that if you pick up your food before the 5 second mark, then your food will be clean for consuming since the germs haven't gotten to it yet.

Now don't get me wrong, it's been long proven this superstition is erroneous but we won't be talking about germs or food here. At least not the food we consume with our stomachs! Instead, we'll be talking about the food our soul consumes. Which is what? Positive energy and negative energy.

Right now, I'm going to tell you a story that envisions the point I'm trying to pass across. While you read it, imagine this orb is you. Live, breath and feel whatever the orb experiences. Well then... here we go:

The Universe's Energy


There is a colorless orb floating in a dark confined space. The orb feeds from its own energy, feeling nothing but what it wants to feel or worse, feeling nothing. Suddenly, a bright yet tiny light shines from a tiny dot in the confined space.

The orb is attracted to this light, the orb blindly moves towards the tiny dot. The orb does not know what consequences this shining dot will bring upon it's lifespan, but it moves towards the dot anyways since it's the first time the orb sees such a light.

The orb has entered the light, inside this white area he comes across red, blue, yellow, green, violet, orange, pink, grey and brown. For the first time, the orb see what colors are.

The orb, in curiosity,  sucks the blue color and gulps it. Now the orb is blue. The orb quickly feels a rush of emotions such as trust, serenity, calm spreading across it's tiny body...they were positive emotions but not ones it expected to feel, but wait...he quickly notices blue also reflects his other half of emotions..this are coldness, unfriendliness, aloofness. This were emotions it did not want to feel, but it was feeling them, against its will.

Upon feeling this negative emotions, the orb spits out the blue color. It then sucks the pink color and is now pink. The orb is feeling sensations such as nurturing, warmth and love. It is feeling happy again but wait...negative emotions surface once again..emotions such as  inhibition, claustrophobia and weakness.

The orb quickly spits the color pink. It eventually feeds upon every color in the white space...but every single color makes it feel good at first, but badly after and they were all emotions the orb could not control. The orb simply wanted to take control of its feelings, like how when it was inside the dark confined space..but outside..all this emotions kept disrupting the balanced emotions it had inside the confined space.

 The orb doesn't like this. The orb likes the controlled comfort inside the darkness, where no colors could hurt it and only its thought mattered. Just when the orb is about to return to the dark confined space, the colors scream "Stop!! 5 Seconds!! Just stay still 5 seconds and give us a chance to prove ourselves,for once in your life!!

The orb understood the words right away, it returned and sucked all of the colors. Now the orb has the colors of rainbows. It can feel all types of emotions. It feels positive emotions and negative emotions. Each time the negative emotions strike, the orb has an urge to return to its dark confined place..where nothing can hurt and it's safe for eternity..but instead it stays still, very still and allows all this emotions to take over.

The light whispers: "Well? How is it?"

"It isn't as bad as I thought it was." Says the orb.

"Exactly, there will always be negative and positive energy in life but it's all about learning to live on--  because life will never be perfect. When you were in your confined space in the dark, which we call the comfort zone, you felt safe because you were not taking risks and without risks you aren't truly living, but now that you have given us unwanted situations and emotions a chance to prove ourselves, you have now learned that your fears weren't as bad as you thought they were. It was simply a matter of stopping and feeling one last time before giving up."

The orb smiles and thanks the colors. It realizes there will always be negative emotions as long as it allows positive emotions inside, but it was far better than living in the dark and doing nothing, the answer wasn't to wait for the storm to pass, but to learn to dance in the rain.

Moral: "To love is to risk not being loved at all. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing-- so give yourself a chance and enter the light for 5 seconds, 5 seconds only and then tell me which you'd path you'd rather choose? The life in the darkness that feels safe but will lead you nowhere, or the light outside that is dangerous but will guarantee you a life of excitement and achieved dreams. Your choice."

The 5 Second Rule

We have a habit to live in this dark - yet cozy room - called our comfort zone. We live in this warm room that gives us a sense of security and happiness, but this security is false. When somebody opens the door to our room, a small light peaks in and it hurts our eyes. The wider that door is opened, the more we want to curl up and hide. Our eyes can't stand the reality, it's so unbearable that we run to close it again, close our eyes, and be safe once more. We don't want to step out of our rooms, because we are AFRAID to be HURT!

Inside our dark room we feel safe in the comfort of our internal positive energy. We will feel safe and in control because who treats us better than we do? We know how to treat ourselves better than anybody else. If it's just you, nobody will hurt you and it's safe...but is that REALLY living? Hiding from the world and staying inside that comfort zone, no exploration, no growing as a person, you remain in this comfort zone sooo long that simply lifting your view and looking at your window hurts too much.

That's where the 5 second rule kicks in. Sometimes we are afraid of what's behind that door, so - SO afraid that we don't want to even think about the outside world. The answer to breaking our comfort zone?? Simply stand up, open that door-- Feel as you want to hide again? STOP and keep walking, don't stop, for 5 seconds don't think, just keep walking outside and look only at the light.

Now you are outside, now look at your fear right there before your eyes. You have but just stepped outside of this door and yet, you feel like locking yourself inside again. But STOP, don't move. Just watch and feel your fear.

Touch it, smell it, taste it, hear it, look at it.

 You can feel the emotions towards this fear enter your body, you can feel negative emotions screaming to hide inside again but STOP stay there, don't do anything just keep observing the emotions you are experiencing towards this fear for 5 accept this emotions, close the door behind you and keep walking towards the light. Your fear is still there but believe me, when you live in flesh and blood your fear, it WILL vanish on its own.

New fears will always re-surface, there will never be a perfect day, there will always be a strom your entire life. That will never change so like I said in the story "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass but learning how to dance in the rain.

By the way, when I say 5 seconds I'm saying it as figurative speaking. We can take as long as 5 to 30 minutes in this space observing our emotions. The point of this mental exercise is to take a deep breath and give life a chance. Allow yourself at least one chance to step outside of your comfort zone and visualize(or actually live) that which you MOST fear and see how it's like...Is it as scary as you thought it was or did you realize it wasn't such a big deal at all?

If so, close the door and keep walking. Never look back again and when you do STOP, breath..5 seconds...observe.

The science behind this exercise

It's been proven that to combat fear, you have to live that which you fear. If you are afraid of public speaking, do that lots and lots till the fear is there no more. If you are afraid of being humiliated, then be the person you really are since the first moment you meet strangers and even if they make fun of you, keep on being you anyways. The day will come when those negative feedback will have no effect in your self-esteem and that real friends will pop up and accept the real you.

Observe as the world judges you, some in negative ways and others in positive ways. You might change, but the world won't change with you. That's why it's so important to apply the 5 second rule and see that stepping out of our comfort zones ain't so bad after all. Are YOU ready to step out of your comfort zone :)?

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Is Formality With Close Family And Friends A Rude Thing?

Hey guys and gals!! I'm  going to be graduating High School in May and I'm turning 18 in July 3, as you can see I'm soon going to be considered a legal adult!

This post is rather short because in it I share my personal opinion when it comes to formality with those that are close to us. What has inspired me to write this intimate post is that I had recently read an article in Coaching with Christina which tells us about how us bloggers should be visible to our public when we write. Feel free to check out her article by the way!

I'm happy to be sharing this with you, feel free to share your own opinion on the matter! Moving on--
Friendship is neither a formality nor a mode: it is rather a life. ~ David Grayson

As I grow up and enter this new stage in my life, which many call "young adulthood", I've noticed how some adults are too formal in speech. I honestly find excess formality with somebody who is close to me such as a family member or a close friend, an offense rather than being polite.

I believe that there shouldn't be formality with our own family and close friends because formality is meant for strangers, in a sense when a family member treats me with formality or demands formality from my part I find it offensive, because it's like they are telling I'm not worthy enough to be treated like family and that I'm nothing more than a stranger in their life.

Formality is not the same as being polite. Being polite equals to being considerate of other people's feelings and to act in consideration to not hurt those feelings. Formality means being cautious as to not anger a stranger because you don't know them. Formality is for strangers.

Different people have different opinions and family/friend dynamics. I respect that but in my personal opinion, I think that informality is what creates real and lasting friendships. This is because the lack of formality creates an atmosphere of trust-- and with politeness added into the mix it creates bonds.

I'd love to hear your opinion on this topic. Do you consider formality rude when it comes to family and close friends? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments section or via e-mail! Cheers!! :)

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dogs: An Inspiration

My dog Michi. She's the sweetest dog I've ever known. :)
"My dog is my motivation. Seeing a dog that despite being harmed, despite being treated like an animal, despite having a chain around, despite staying home lonely while we leave, despite it all... he's always there like a little kid, making you smile.

Dogs can feel how you feel. Haven't you ever felt their comfort?
Just to see that grateful dog that, despite it all, is still next to us motivates me. Even if we complain about him, he is always so cheerful.
We learn from everything Jica. Even from animals." ~ Taiga
A few weeks ago, I was feelings down and depressed. That's when I decided to have a lil talk with my trustworthy friend Taiga and simply let that out, let out all those troubles and tell her everything I felt and the things that bothered me.

She listened to me talk my craziness and in between our conversation, I asked her "What gives you motivation in life?" She mentioned smiles, her boyfriend, her friends, God, even me because I was an inspirational person to her. (Something I was unaware of.)

All of a sudden, she mentioned this certain motivation for life which took me by total surprise. Her dogs. That quote above is her exact words. I felt as my eyes opened wide and my jaw dropped. I had finally found a source of inspiration sense to my life. Never before had I considered dogs to serve as such an extreme example of perseverance, simplicity and unconditional love.

I couldn't help but feel hope resurface my being once more. I had been in a deep state of depression. I couldn't find a reason to motivate me and keep on my goals. I couldn't think of any. I was simply lost and tired.

I was uncheereble. My self-esteem was down to the lowest of the lowest, my humiliation and hurt ego was a fact. I coudn't help but feel weak but.. when she told me the quoted phrase above, I literally felt a bright dust brushing the pain out of my heart and being released out in the air-- blown away forever and becoming bright spectacles of light and uniting with the universe.

I had never thought of dogs in such a way. I'm a dog lover to top it off. I love my 2 dogs. In my times of pain I accompany my dog, Michi (pictured above) inside her dog house and hug her, pat her soft head.

 Michi's a shy and lazy dog so she doesn't play but my other dog does. A bit too hyperactive for play but he can be fun to look at. My point is that they always love me. They never deny my love.

Even if they live the life of well, a dog- they still love me. My Michi still loves me. Michi will forever be my daughter. Even beyond her death she will always be my first daughter. I never quite realized that even after we scold them for their misbehavior they still wag their little tails as soon as the see us again.

To our dogs, we are still those that feeds them and places their blankets to sleep. We are still their masters and forever will.

I had never thought that even after a busy day in which we've neglected her as a doggy she still loves us humans(or better said the food and safety we offer?). She never hesitastes to wag her tail and get on her two feet for us to pat her head and feed her food and water.

We gotta learn from the simplicity of dogs and love the world unconditionally, even when it seems like the world has not returned us what we expect of it.

5 life lessons we can learn from dogs:

1) Don't hold grudges, forgive and forget - Life is too precious to be wasting time relying on past grudges. When times like that come up, I want you to recognize your anger, deal with it and then smile and keep on with life.

2) Love the world even when it hasn't given you anything good in return - Let's be honest, life rarely offers us the ideal life we dream of. That's why it's so important to be grateful about life, even when it hasn't offered us anything to be grateful about but trust me, there will ALWAYS be something to be grateful about. Try writing a diary of gratitude on a daily basis and you'll see what I mean.

3) Value food, water, home and love - Sometimes we aren't grateful enough for what we do have so value them like the treasure they are.

4) Even so, never give up on life - Some dogs experience the cruelest lives any humans can ever imagine but even so, they never give up on life. Even when everything fails them, even in times of hunger and sickness-- they keep on till their last breath. Dogs never EVER give up on life.

5) Enjoy the moment - The best tense to live in is the present. The past is there to help us un-root our present issues and the future is to look forward to but as an awesome quote says the present is the only moment in which we live in. So enjoy it :)

So yeah.. always smile.. always cherrish those delicate and small moments in life. Love the world in the hardships and wag your tail at those that have hurt you. Cheers to Life!! :)

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Why I Said No To The World & Yes To My Heart

"The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them."

Hey guys/gals! Today I'm going to speak about something a bit personal for me but which I'd really love to share with you all anyways. This past winter I hadn't had much trouble balancing my life with my diary, studies, writing and my hobbies during my free days.

It was a nice winter which made me realize how much writing a "to-do-list" before bedtime each day would lift up my productivity and enjoyment of life in general. Then it happened...

My last semester in highschool

As many other seniors, I'm the typical busy girl who has to balance school with after school "work".

(For those of you that don't know, it's not work. It's actually called my practice for Culinary Arts class. It's like if you were working but instead of being an employee you are a volunteer for the business, for a certain amount of hours. Those accumulated hours are a requisite to get my Culinary Arts Diploma and graduate.)

For the sake of simplicity I'll call it CAP (Culinary Arts Practice) from now on. Moving on, my CAP takes out a lot of my time this semester. Heck, I barely have time for my own school studies.

That's when I noticed that I had to delay or let go some of my scheduled tasks I had done up till now and truly listen to my heart. Listen to it well and follow it with trust.

I talked with my family, I talked with my friends, I talked with fellow bloggers and I talked with myself (As silly as it sounds, it works). Most of them disagreed at the decisions I'd take and the pressure was wow, incredible.

Saying No

After much thinking and reflecting I decided to do the one thing I truly wanted: and that was to say no:

I said no  to a prestigious college this year (To be honest it's not in my interests to go anyways.)
I said no to the newspaper (Though I might consider returning during May but I'm not sure.)
I said no to my novel (Delayed)
I said no to some friendships
I said no to fear-based opinions
I said no to the typical way of thinking
I sad no to the world and I said yes to my heart.

Saying Yes

It's not bad to want the things I said no to and I'd openly consider continuing this projects in the near future(and I plan to actually)-- but in the meanwhile, I just want to keep my priorities and time on what truly matters to me in life right now:

I said yes to Basked in Sunshine
I said yes to my Driver's License
I said yes to my hobbies on my spare time
I said yes to new friends
I said yes to waking up early
I said yes to smiling
I said yes to me and what I wanted

It doesn't matter what I want tomorrow. I just want to be open and be on congruence with what I want and what I'm doing today. Saying no isn't easy, but listening to the heart is important and if I ever were to regret my decisions-- then when the time comes, I'll deal with it.

Maybe this way of life isn't the one the wold agrees with, maybe it's hard because you are one person against an entire society, maybe it's a path that a lot of us fear-- but it's when you say no to the world that you can truly be happy... and my purpose in life is to be happy.

In the next part of this series, I'll share with you tips on when it's ok to say no, how to do it and 5 reasons on why the word 'no' holds so much value in certain situations.

To keep up to date with updates sign up to my Facebook, Twitter or simply subscribe to Basked in Sunshine in the form below!

By the way, I'm not right and I'm not wrong. This is simply the path I choose during this moment in life. How about you? What path will you choose?

photo credit: HaoJan via photopin cc
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Friday, January 4, 2013

Reviewing 2013-Countdown Challenge with Personal Excellence

"We do not learn from experience...we learn from reflecting on experience. ~ John Dewey"

Hi there and Happy New Year! I hope you recall the 2013-Countdown Challenge which I announced in mid-December? It was run in by experienced blogger Celestine Chua.

The Challenge has already ended and as thus this review post but January is still just starting out so, if you wish to, you still have a chance to answer the questions starting today!

If you're interested go HERE and answer one question daily in the privacy of your journal. I'd recommend writing your answers in a website called 750words which works wonderfully for journalism and such.

Moving on I will share my personal experience on the 2013-Countdown Challenge:

Why I decided to participate in the 2013-Countdown Challenge

I decided to participate in the 2013-Countdown Challenge because the year was ending and a Challenge based on answering questions that would help me reflect on my 2012 would be a great way to truly evaluate  how my year went by, recognize past grudges/achievements and simply let go...let go and move on to a better life in general! :)

Believe it or not, moving on in life and growing as a person has been one of my life-long dreams and I felt that the 2013-Countdown Challenge was the opportunity I was waiting for. As soon as I finished this challenge, 2013 would start and it was then that my life -the life of my dreams- would truly set foot with the help of the challenge's questions.

What struggles I had with the 2013- Countdown Challenge?

I struggled in the sense that, in some occasions, I would not answer questions out of laziness and the next day I would have to answer 2 questions in a row as to catch up.

How has it benefited my life so far?

The challenge has definitely benefited my life. Back in the December announcement I had mentioned that I would not regret participating in the 2013-Countdown Challenge and I was right! :)

1) I was able to truly re-experience month per month how my 2012 had been. In a matter of minutes I was able to see "my year run before my eyes".

2) I was able to identify my feelings towards the different things that happened in 2012, both good and bad.

3) Thanks to being able to calmly reflect on my feelings from 2012, I was able to internally resolve some past issues and let go of the excess baggage.

4) The questions guided me into planning out my resolutions for 2013 in a simple manner and truly start fresh and ready as soon as 2013's hit.

5) And last but not least, I was able to achieve my dream of setting the true first step of my life.

As a side note I'd like to say that the 2013- Countdown Challenge made me realize how much I truly love my life, how fortunate I am and that 2012 has truly been the best year in my entire life so far and that 2013 is just the beginning of something beautiful...:')

photo credit: ell brown via photopin cc

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