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Friday, January 4, 2013

Reviewing 2013-Countdown Challenge with Personal Excellence

"We do not learn from experience...we learn from reflecting on experience. ~ John Dewey"

Hi there and Happy New Year! I hope you recall the 2013-Countdown Challenge which I announced in mid-December? It was run in by experienced blogger Celestine Chua.

The Challenge has already ended and as thus this review post but January is still just starting out so, if you wish to, you still have a chance to answer the questions starting today!

If you're interested go HERE and answer one question daily in the privacy of your journal. I'd recommend writing your answers in a website called 750words which works wonderfully for journalism and such.

Moving on I will share my personal experience on the 2013-Countdown Challenge:

Why I decided to participate in the 2013-Countdown Challenge

I decided to participate in the 2013-Countdown Challenge because the year was ending and a Challenge based on answering questions that would help me reflect on my 2012 would be a great way to truly evaluate  how my year went by, recognize past grudges/achievements and simply let go...let go and move on to a better life in general! :)

Believe it or not, moving on in life and growing as a person has been one of my life-long dreams and I felt that the 2013-Countdown Challenge was the opportunity I was waiting for. As soon as I finished this challenge, 2013 would start and it was then that my life -the life of my dreams- would truly set foot with the help of the challenge's questions.

What struggles I had with the 2013- Countdown Challenge?

I struggled in the sense that, in some occasions, I would not answer questions out of laziness and the next day I would have to answer 2 questions in a row as to catch up.

How has it benefited my life so far?

The challenge has definitely benefited my life. Back in the December announcement I had mentioned that I would not regret participating in the 2013-Countdown Challenge and I was right! :)

1) I was able to truly re-experience month per month how my 2012 had been. In a matter of minutes I was able to see "my year run before my eyes".

2) I was able to identify my feelings towards the different things that happened in 2012, both good and bad.

3) Thanks to being able to calmly reflect on my feelings from 2012, I was able to internally resolve some past issues and let go of the excess baggage.

4) The questions guided me into planning out my resolutions for 2013 in a simple manner and truly start fresh and ready as soon as 2013's hit.

5) And last but not least, I was able to achieve my dream of setting the true first step of my life.

As a side note I'd like to say that the 2013- Countdown Challenge made me realize how much I truly love my life, how fortunate I am and that 2012 has truly been the best year in my entire life so far and that 2013 is just the beginning of something beautiful...:')

photo credit: ell brown via photopin cc

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