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Friday, May 10, 2013

How To Cope With Depression

Hey guys and gals-- I have news: I've finished High School and if there's something I'd like to say, it's that I'm extremely happy!!!

Freedom at last-- I'm a free woman wuuujuuu!!!

*Ahem* But it wasn't always like this. My High School life was very contradicting , I loved my friends but I despised (and still despise) school so so much that I fell into depression almost this entire semester. As a graduation gift from me to you, I'd love to share with you my story and 3 key factors that helped me to cope with my depression.

My Story

"This was me inside of school, when I finished school I felt like I broke free, and stopped being a slave."
I've always hated school but I've never despised school so much as I did during my last semester of High School. It all started back in December, when the first semester ended. I had recently gone to a  spiritual retreat and soon after participated in the 2013 countdown challenge.

Thanks to both of this impacting events in my life, I was a changed person. I stopped being lazy and started writing articles, polished my blog, connected with fellow bloggers, did my chores, studied for the College Board and my Driver's License-- all in one days work and I even had time to spare for my own hobbies!!

I was probably the most happiest with myself during this time, but then it happened...second semester kicked in again in January. I became lazy again, posted less articles and stopped being so dedicated with my chores.

To make up for it, my grades improved a bit, but they were still far from being 100% grades. I know myself more than anybody, and I know that if I had been more stronger with my approach, I could had balanced my life with my studies and my blog.

To be honest, High School was easier than everything I had studied in Middle School and I'm a fast writer so posting blog posts weekly wasn't an issue at all.

I could had achieved my goals easily if I wanted to, but why didn't I?

Was it procrastination? Lack of interest? Laziness?  Lack of courage? Lack of passion? Fear? Partially, yes-- falling in my life as low as I did during this semester were indeed a side effect of all of my negative emotions, but more than anything else, what made me put my life almost in entire halt was...depression.

Yep... I was depressed.
It was horrible. I had finally discovered my passion and freedom during winter break, and yet here I was again.. wasting 5 months of my only life at school again... studying material that would be worthless in my future job.

By the way, I'd like to take this opportunity to say that depression is a real mental illness that can be very hard to overcome. I've been there, I still kind of am there but I'm getting over it and I'd like to tell every person in the world who has gone through depression that you are not alone.

It's easy to tell a depressed person to just overcome the depression but any person who has ever truly been in depression can tell you that it's not that easy. Many times people in depression are treated as weaklings and not as person who is mentally sick and needs help.

Back to topic-- fast forward 5 months and High School is now over. I'm sad but I'm also happy, eager, excited... My eyes glitter and my lips smile as I say "I'm free to choose what I want to do, for the rest of my life." because the truth is that...

  "All great changes are preceded by chaos" ~ Deepak Chopra

 A Different Side To The Story

My friends

Now, I'll share a different side of my story that makes my eyes friends. I'm a shy girl but at heart I am a social person. My biggest treasure in life are my friends.

I disagreed with the dynamics of school, since the material that was teached was irrelevant to my passion. I just wanted to get out of there and have the freedom to live as my heart asks me to-- but at the same time... I loved my friends, I still do and even if this friendships were to disappear in a near future they will forever remain in my heart as my golden memories and my friends forever.

But there's a good ending to this story, from now on I will dedicate my life to my passion and keep in contact with my friends while they still desire me as their friend and, of course, keep meeting new people and making even more friends!! :)

My Gift For You

As I stated at the start of this article, in order to celebrate my newly found freedom, I have a gift for you all. Now that you know my story, you know that I was in a deep state of depression the entire second semester. Did I overcome it? No, I never did till I got rid of High School-- but the least I can do is share with you 3 key factors which helped me to temporarily cope with my depression until it all ended.

I'd like to remind you in advance, that it is always better to heal the issue permanently by healing the root of the problem but if you're in a situation like I was, in which all you needed was a temporal coping system until the outside problem ended, then here it is:

#1- Listen to happy/active music


Being depressed and listening to sad low toned music is a big no-no. A song can have mayor keys or minor keys. Minor keys have been related worldwide as a sad emotion due the key being quiet and slow-- similar to our state of mind when we are sad.

Active and fast music with mayor keys are related with staying active, happiness or general well-being so we will naturally feel better by listening to active music when we are depressed.

#2- Comedy relief


Funny videos, funny jokes, a light-hearted show-- they can make wonders when we are sad. While I'm not a big fan of distracting your thoughts from the things that matter, there have been days in which my mood was lifted from a sad one into a generally happy one due to funny jokes that made my day, especially jokes made by friends which brings me to the next point...

#3- Stay active with your friends

What's better than spending a day with friends who make you smile, laugh and experience new things? Sometimes even be there for you when you most need a listening ear? As long as you have a healthy relationship with your friends, staying active and hanging out can be a slow healer to your heart.

Bonus tip: Do your responsibilities (For example: homework, study, chores). Keeping small goals on a daily basis gives you a reason to live, to go on and never give up. 

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    1. Thank you and good luck to you too! The pictures were very beautiful!! :)

  2. Hey Jica,

    I just want to say that I think you are awesome for sharing your experience honestly--so many people can relate to this, and your tips will help a lot of people cope in the short term. Not everyone has access to good mental health care for depression, so this is very valuable! Thank you for sharing :)