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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Kindness Challenge Day 4: Sign Up For Volunteer Work (On Top of Whatever You Have Been Doing)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Because I know I can contribute, I therefore believe I can volunteer my contribution.
-Preston Tulay, former Peace Corps and UN Volunteer.
Ok, so today's task is to sign up for volunteer work. Even if you already did sign up for volunteer work beforehand or are currently volunteering already - the idea is to make an extra effort and sign up or do yet another act of volunteer work. I know this task can sound daunting to some but the feeling of fulfillment is wonderful! :) If you want to hear a more detailed description on today's task go directly to the challenge at

If you haven't signed up to the 14-day kindness challenge yet then where are you? You're still on time! Register HERE and join me and hundreds more on this wonderful challenge! Sign-ups will close soon so register RIGHT NOW!

Update: Registrations for the 14-Day Kindness Challenge at PE have closed but you are still free to do the challenge at your own pace, any time. You can always share your results in the comments section in Basked in Sunshine. Thank you so much for reading my experience. I hope it will serve as an inspiration for you guys/gals in the near future. Let's make the world a kinder place - together. :)

My experience

 What volunteer work did you select?

I have to be honest, I was confused on what to do at first since I'd only consider volunteer work as something I'd do outside of my home (Example: cooking/cleaning at a church, helping out at the school library, sign-up for a cause). While all of this types of volunteer work are great I didn't feel like I could find a place to do volunteer work like this at the current moment - so - I decided that in the meanwhile I'd do volunteer work for my mom by tutoring my little brother on his school subjects but I will keep searching for opportunities to sign-up to an official organization and do my volunteer work. :)

 Which organization have you signed up for (or will be signing up for)? 

My mother? haha

Why did you pick this organization? 

As I explained previously, I have yet to find an official organization to sign-up for so in the meantime I'll tutor my little brother.

What is the duration you have selected to volunteer with them?

I decided to tutor my little brother starting today till first semester ends in December or till I finish my volunteer hours (In my country you have to do 40 hours of volunteer work to graduate from highschool).


I learned that if we give up before we try then your goals will lead to nothing. I learned this lesson because I know I did not give my all for today's task due to the 'limitations' but the truth is this 'limitations' I'm speaking of are purely mental. There are tons of organizations to sign-up to in my country. It's just a matter of trying before saying "I can't".

*I'll update this post as soon as I sign-up for volunteer work*

Update: I wasn't able to sign up for volunteer work at the Church because the only volunteer work available is singing and I don't sing but my friend offered me an alternative. She said I could teach her and another mutual friend to cook ramen(my specialty) and different types of desserts and we're gonna do that at least once a month! :) Though I'm still on the lookout for signing up to an official volunteer work.


  1. Hi fufu!! Just want to drop a quick note that I've been so impressed by your daily task posts for the challenge! :D Feel free to join the comments section of the daily task posts and share your results; I feel like you are having such amazing progress and it's a pity that you're not sharing them on the PE comments!

    You can just post snippets of what you have already written in your daily blog entries and link back to your entry if you feel that readers may want to click on to read more.

    1. Thank you for your comment Celestine! :) I didn't know I could link back to my blog but ok I'll do so for the rest of the challenge. I'm sorry I update late by the way. My timeline is literally opposite from yours at Singapore. While in Singapore it's 11:00 am ,over here at Puerto Rico it's 11:00 pm.

    2. Hi fufu! :D Don't worry about the time zones. Simply do the tasks in your own day, own time, and update it accordingly at the end of your day! :) Some participants are still working through the early tasks and that's completely fine. The most important thing is that you do them and share your results at the end of the day! I think your results and blog are definitely the more inspiring of the lot, so I'd like to specially thank you for being a part of the challenge! *hugs*