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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kindness Challenge Round-Up: Reflection, Feedback, and Next Steps Moving Forward!

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."  - Aesop

It's been 14 long days filled with emotions, experiences and meaningful lessons. It's been a long journey and today is officially the last day of the 14-Day Kindness Challenge. Today there is no task--today is simply a day in which the participants will share their reflections, feedback and steps moving forward. If you wish to read a more detailed description on today's reflections go directly to the 14-Day Kindness Challenge at

My Reflection

1- How has the kindness challenge been for you?

The kindness challenge has been fun and inspiring for me. It has served as the starting point of just what I needed to kick-start in certain areas in my life--such as blogging, change in attitudes, revelations,etc. It has also served in breaking walls as the challenge offered me the chance to taste experiences that are way out of my comfort zone which widens my perspective in life. An example is how now I see donation ,not as an annoyance, but as an opportunity to help others in need. I no longer see money with greedy eyes and I can now clearly notice how ugly the world is when there's trash in it and the role we play in keeping our environment clean.

2- What has been your favorite task(s)? Why?

 My favorite task was day 6 in which we talked to someone we don't normally talk to because it allowed me to grow tremendously as a person when I, literally, pushed my limits and talked with all sorts of friends I'd normally not talk to--some that weren't even casual friends. It was a tiring day that started out with fear and ended with 3 new budding friendships.

My 2nd favorite task was day 7 in which we had to make a donation. I loved searching for alternatives until I eventually found FreeRice. I plan to elaborate in world FreeRice week that should take place from February 6-11, 2013 in which the world unites in playing FreeRice for a whole week in hopes of donating as much rice as possible.

My 3rd favorite days were day 4 in which we had to sign up for volunteer work and day 10 in which we had to send flowers to somebody. This were 2 tasks which I wasn't able to apply well as #1-I have yet to find an official organization and #2-I want to buy flowers for 3 people and give it to them--not just pick them up from the backyard.

*As a side note I aslo enjoyed day 8 in which we had to pick up litter and that helped me gaine consciousness on the cause.

3- What have you learned from participating in the kindness challenge? What have you learned about kindness? Elaborate.

I have learned the habit of staying consistent and punctual with something, such as my blog. It was a habit I was wanting to develop for ages but I didn't know how yet. I also learned that the universe works in wonderful ways. When you truly want something, the opportunities will appear on it's own almost like magic. It's really beautiful and mysterious. About kindness I have learned that being kind is a lifestyle of tiny acts and not necessarily of big acts. As I always say, it's the little things that matter the most. 

4- How do you plan to integrate kindness in your life moving forward?

I'd integrate kindness in my life by donating to organizations when I have the facilities, being more active in volunteer work (and hopefully going on my dream expedition to volunteer in Asia), fixing my bonds with people who I'm not that good in terms with, applying the act of forgiveness and simply applying kindness into my life--as a recurrent lifestyle and not as a  goal.

5- What's your next goal?

From here on I feel like the big stuff will start. I will start writing official articles for Basked in Sunshine, promoting to widen my readership and starting tomorrow--for the next 15 days I'll be participating on another challenge which is Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month). I have already had an opportunity to understand my inner persona, for the following month I wish to understand my inner artist. Thank you so much Celes for this awesome opportunity in the 14-Day Kindness Challenge. It has been a blast and now with a heartfelt smile I can say that I have completed the 14-Day Kindness Challenge of 2012. Until next time! :D

Update: Registrations for the 14-Day Kindness Challenge at PE have closed but you are still free to do the challenge at your own pace, any time. You can always share your results in the comments section in Basked in Sunshine. Thank you so much for reading my experience. I hope it will serve as an inspiration for you guys/gals in the near future. Let's make the world a kinder place - together. :)

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc

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