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Monday, November 5, 2012

Kindness Challenge Day 5: Give a Genuine Compliment to at Least 3 People


Another day, another beautiful task to blog about!! I'm really grateful to be in the 14-Day Kindness Challenge. It's indescribable how..but it really is making a change in my life and it's just been 5 days, imagine! It's wonderful how it's pushing my boundaries and as a result I'm reaching places I never thought I would be in. It's simply amazing. (And I'm honestly saying this out of my own will and real life experience!) Want to be a part of this too? Don't worry you're still on time, just go HERE and register but be quick because this can be your only chance since registrations can close any moment now!! Invite your friends and families, be a kinder person today!! :D

Update: Registrations for the 14-Day Kindness Challenge at PE have closed but you are still free to do the challenge at your own pace, any time. You can always share your results in the comments section in Basked in Sunshine. Thank you so much for reading my experience. I hope it will serve as an inspiration for you guys/gals in the near future. Let's make the world a kinder place - together. :)

 Monday, November 5, 2012

“I've always found that the most beautiful people, truly beautiful inside and out, are the ones who are quietly unaware of their effect." ― Jennifer L. Armentrout, Obsidian

For today's task you have to give a genuine compliment to:

Level 1: 1 person

Level 2: 3 persons

Of course, you're also welcome to compliment even more people. The more the better! :) But the idea is that if you give a compliment it must be honest and true as to let the other person know a good quality about them and make them feel better. For more information on the challenge go directly to the today's task of the 14-Day Kindness Challenge at

How many people did you give genuine compliments to today? What did you compliment them on? How did they respond to your compliments?

I complimented 11 people today!! :D

Mom – Complimented her ability to be patient while cooking each day
Dad – I asked if he could teach me how to cook white rice because I like how his white rice tastes
Big Bro – Complimented his extreme interest and dedication towards tv shows
Big Sis – Told her my admiration towards her in how everything she wears makes her look pretty
Lil bro – Complimented his affection towards others
Sister’s boyfriend – Complimented how he looks wearing military clothes
Friend N – Complimented her personality
Friend JP – Complimented his personality
Friend A – Complimented his personality
Friend JU – Complimented her personality
Friend JL – Said I found it awesome how he was able to take a picture with a cosplayer

As for the reactions..I noticed there were mixed reactions. Most of the people I complimented were flattered and asked stuff like "Wow, is that true about me?" "Thank you!" but I also noticed that some of the people I complimented ignored my compliment and kept on with the conversation! :( I found that a bit hurtful since I think it's rude not to say at least a thank you after I went out of my way to compliment them but I'll just keep my conscious clean and believe that, even if it was internally, my compliment made them feel good about themselves which was my intention. :)


I learned that not everybody reacts the same way and that we all have our own way of being. I re-noticed my habit to interpret no feedback as bad feedback and that makes me sad because I feel I might be stupid and making a fool out of myself for even bothering to be kind (Even thought the logical solution would be to offer kindness without expecting anything in return). I realized that I am not yet at peace with this side of mine that requires feedback to make sure I'm doing good due to childhood habits and beliefs instead of understanding that, even if nobody agrees, it doesn't mean that I'm wrong.

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